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Read James 5:7-9. Be patient, therefore, brothers, until the coming of the Lord. ... Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. James 5:7a, 8 My favorite Christmas cookies growing up were made of molasses and sugar. We called them "animal cookies" because we shaped them with animal-shaped cookie cutters. The worst part of making animal cookies is that once you mixed up the dough, it had to sit in the refrigerator overnight. Talk about a test of patience! As a child, impatience seemed to go hand in hand with Christmas. It seemed like that great, wonderful, magical day would never, ever come. There is a far greater day coming, however. It's that ultimate Christmas when Jesus Christ will return to this world with all His angels. He will raise all the dead and judge between those who believed during their earthly lives, and those who did not. For us who believe, Jesus will remove every source of evil, pain, and suffering as He renews His creation and... (more)

Arrion 1314 love
Veuillez noter que la robe de mariée
Et un problème de la mariée,robe de soirée courte est mariée ou louer leur acheter des robes?Il va voir sa fiancée, et également en fonction de leur condition de décider.Comment choisir la robe de mariage de tempérament mariée selon la personnalité On dit que porter la robe de mariée, une femme est le plus beau moment dans sa vie.Pour la mariée va se marier, choisissez un élément pour une robe propre est une étape importante dans la préparation de mariage.Que ce soit dans le cadre de la photographie ou dans le mariage, une belle personnalité de la robe de mariée peut - elle être le foyer. Collection le mariage lui - même est un endroit romantique, que ce soit pour le couple de l'amour, ou solidaire de l'atmosphère de configuration de mariage, toujours montré d'amour et de bonheur.Si la mariée par mariage avec la personnalité comment cette atmosphère romantique?La mariée peut sélectionner des styles de mariage de sirène ou princesse style, belle... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Tuesday, December 16, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, the US government remains in no rush on assisting Iraq, the Sunnis don't have to choose between an Iraqi government that targets them and the Islamic State, the so-called Human Rights Ministry of the Iraq government spins a fantastic tale they can't back up (watch to see who runs with it as fact), US Senator Tom Coburn is called out by veterans, and much more. The White House pretends they're doing something -- anything -- in Iraq. Not only is their no plan, there's no sense of urgency. From today's Pentagon press briefing by spokesperson John Kirby. Q: John, thanks. Could you bring us up to date on Iraq? The flow of troops that are going to be going in now that the funding has been approved? Can you give us an idea of sort of the pace and over what time period can we expect to see those -- that additional -- those... (more)

7 (Dec 10)

This past Wednesday was the last BBBS until after winter break, and it was a blast. The whole entire time was spent at our "Christmas party" where we made a variety of crafts, which unfortunately required glue. After we were done with crafts, it was time for snack. Each big contributed something so we could have a big snack table (I brought juice boxes). When it was time for Luis and I to go up to get our snack, I was not surprised when he loaded his plate up with cookies, cupcakes, and chips. That's the last thing anyone needed-a sugar high Luis. Although he got really hyper and almost got into an altercation with this one little kid who has a really nasty mouth, it was time to open presents. I got him a bunch of things, but one of the presents I got Luis was his very own Sorry game. When he opened the game, he got so excited and jumped into my arms to thank me. He was astounded with the fact that I got him sorry. While I gave Luis a bunch of presents, I didn't leave empty... (more)

Case in point
​Case in point. I couldn't take a thing back that was said and even if I could, would it really matter? Words are embedded once spoken and it's always the worst of them that stick the best. I'm sorry for that. Do you see now why I strive to keep silent? I don't want to be the one leaving wounds that won't heal. I'm still trying to mend myself. Can you find a way to erase the memory and let us start over without anger or resentment? I don't want to lose you again. ​(07-21-2013)​

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